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You are exhausted, but why not sleep?

A 3D crawling platformer about ordinary people’s exhausting lives. Play as an exhausted person, evade comfy pillows, smash photo frames and flower pots, brawl with vacuum cleaners, and do everything you can to fight the drowsiness.


  • Sliding on the floor like a fool.
  • Weird and humorous slices of life.
  • Create and share your own story. 

Keyboard Control

  • Slide: W.
  • Roll: A or D.
  • Head butt: S.

We need your help to make the game more FUN. ❤

1. Provide feedbacks and advise in QUESTIONNAIRE .

2. Share your ideas with us on Twitter or Facebook.

3. Help translate the game to your mother tongue on Discord

(This game is an update of Lancelot’s Yet Another Exhausted Day from Ludum Dare 39. It is in development, and may change in the future.)

Updated 14 days ago
AuthorCandleman Games
Made withUnity
Tags3D Platformer, dailylife, realism
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LanguagesEnglish, French, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Chinese (Simplified)
AccessibilitySubtitles, One button


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LOL this  game is so funny 

I can´t click to the start...

I'm sorry to hear that Kacha. Could you describe what exactly happen?

I'm having the same issue. I open the executable, and none of the buttons are responsive. I'm running Windows 10 with 2 monitors and a cintiq as a 3rd monitor. Graphics card is GeForce GTX 1080

Thank you for detailing the issue, my friend. My apologies for causing trouble to you. I have reported the problem to my team, we will try to find out the reason.

This is a pretty good game.

Some of the levels are pretty challenging as well which is cool.


for me it will not work it opens menu and i cannot click start

I'm very sorry to hear that. Could you let me know what system do you use, and more details please


HI! Thanks for making this game, I made you a video


Hey flxp. Thanks for the short but funny montage. : )

No problem, It would've been longer if not due to time constraints


I really loved this game. Had some hilarious controls and a great concept. The controls seemed difficult at first but once i got the hang of it i had a great time!

Your feedback about the controls are very helpful. We really need to know if the update works. Thank you PEK.


This game was hilarious to play. I can relate to it so much. i did have a bit of a problem with the controls at first as they seemed to be difficult to use in the first few minutes of the game but afterwards, I got used to them and it was really fun to play. There is a perfect balance of challenge vs gameplay. I do feel like the game could do with more level as it was really short to play. It only took me about 15 minutes to complete. I go into more detail in my video. I hope you enjoy and good luck in the future.

wow. That’s fast. We only updated the game last night and you already played it! There will be more levels and more contents coming. We are still developing it. Thank you for your encouragement. 


It was hard to make the video into a 10 minute video for youtube but if you take away all of my intro it took about 12 minutes to complete the game. I didn't start till I was 1:30  into the video (the original recording) and finished the game at the 13:42 into the original recording. You could possibly finish the game even faster which is why I recommended the game had more levels. Doesn't mean that the game was bad. Just that it may need more content there, maybe in the levels, add in more levels, create more modes that increase the difficulty of the game, create a speedrun mode or even have it so these first few levels introduce mechanics then make the levels larger and more challenging to complete. Just a few ideas for the game. Wish you luck in the future.  


Those suggestions on adding replay value are very inspiring. We definitely will try some of them. Right now we are trying to add another 2 sets including 2 boss fights to the next update. : )

Thank you for such a relatable game. As someone who has been working 11-13hr shifts and coming home to work on YouTube stuff I am exhausted. Haha. The game is really fun and I love the storyline I played. I felt that the head butting control might need a bit of tweeking but perhaps I just didnt know what I was doing. That tends to happen! Thanks again for an enjoyable, heart warming game.

Thanks for the recognition and feedbacks. We are adjusting the controls, and the new update has changed the controls to WSAD. Its much easier and enjoyable to control the character now. Please don’t hesitate to let us know how we could make the game more interesting. 

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So I thought to myself when this game popped up was 'Why not give it a try?'. Not only was this game stupidly fun to play, it makes for good videos! This was the first game in this segment.

Really glad watching you enjoy the silly fun of the game. Thanks for showing us the current design is worth playing.

The game is fun, comedic, and different. The aspect of bashing your head on a plant to stay awake is funny on it's own, that and robots coming to bash yor had to dream land.

It's the second game I played.

Hilarious game with a lot of potential. Keep up the good work!


Thanks for trying Yet Another Exhausting Day in your selection. After having so much feedbacks from the community, we are changing the controls and difficulty dramatically. Thanks for helping us to understand how we can make the game more interesting. : )

Good game, hard as hell. 

We've done a lot of updates since you version you played. Please feel free to try again. I promise it's not that hard anymore.

(1 edit)

love the game! thought it was raging at times but in a good way!

Very glad to know you liked it. We are changing the controls and gameplay. I guarantee you won't be raging again next time you play it. 

Thanks for sharing the game. DizzY: ) 

Very interesting, funny and raging game! I really enjoyed the gameplay and the style as well, original and challenging :D

I made a video playing your game:

if you want to check, best of luck for the full release, cheers!

Thank you for playing and good wishes. Nebula. : )

Your playful and relaxing voice is really suitable for the humorous style of your channel.


Fantastic!!!  Yet another exhasuting day

Succint and cool! 

You managed the control really well. Have you figured out there are 3 types of sprints? How do you like the visual in this version?

what 3 types of sprint? all that i know is sleep hahahaa.... i didnt played the earlier version but i really like the visual :D

The title clearly says "Yet Another Day Exhausting".

The game itself is pretty neat though! :)

Thanks for pointing it out. We are trying to come up with a new one. : )


Can't understand your language, but I feel your sense of humor greatly. Nice work!

This game is fun and gave me  a challenge by playing through the levels, which can range from easy to difficult as I got closer to the end. If you like to play a game that challenges you every step of the way, then this is the game for you. 10 / 10! 

Thank you for the kind review. Cake Game Lady. We hope the game can be liked by more lady gamers.


It's a good game with its difficulties. That was fun ! ;)

Thank you. Really glad you are up to the challenge and find it's interesting.

help. can't even press the star button

I'm very sorry to hear that, Leila.

Could you describe more about the situation?

AAAAh okay, I really want to play but I can't! I've installed it and whenever I go to click the start button, nothing happens. I go to click any button with the mouse, and nothing happens.  try mashing buttons on my keyboard and nothing happens. I've tried installing and re-installing, installing the second file(?) and it really just won't start the game at all. I know this is game is a WIP but have others had this problem too?

I see. We have received similar reports. But we can't offer any solutions so far.  I'll add a message here if we figure it out in the future.

Again I'm very sorry it doesn't work for you right now. : (

Don't worry about it, hopefully it will work for me later. Keep up the good work :)

10/10 relatable.  

Thanks for sharing your experience.  We learned something useful from watching you play.

Not going to lie this game made me rage so hard i almost smashed my keyboard...5/5

I remember when the first version of this game was out. It was hard, and hasnt gotten any easier. Great work :D 

Thanks for trying this game again. Bobbly.

You style actually makes the experience much more relaxed. : )

This game is completely insane in the most wonderful way! It's a pretty action-packed and crazy-paced game for one where the main character is so zonked out!

Wonky physics games are definitely high on my list of favourite genres to play, and this little slice of genius really is no exception. Trying to figure out the best ways to tackle each scenario is great fun, and the aesthetics and layouts are vibrant and really unique. 

I'll be keeping a close eye on updates and will dive right back into this in the future for sure. Keep up the great work! =)


Sorry for the late reply, Mikey. Thanks for helping us to see the values we never realized before. Your comments on game design provides a wide horizon of inspirations.



Come see what silly free games I've found this week! 😂 I'll showcase 3 games all in 1 video! 😝

Yet Another Exhausting Day - Is the 3rd game in this video and wow... It blew me away! Very good game! Very impressed! Also i now hate all Susans! hahah! :P


I uploaded this like last week, but never found the time to post here. Anyway, had a ton of fun! Really enjoyed every bit of it! Nothing else to add, so I hope you enjoy the video! 


Good video wolf.

Thanks for showing the game on your channel. Watching how the game is played really helps us to understand how to improve it. : )

Love the update and the new charactors. It adds a little more personality to the game. Great work so far!

Cool video, Chris. : )

Your wisdom and humor revealed in the video reminds me Mr White's brother in law from Breaking Bad. Haha.

LOOL Thanks man. Thats a new one for me but i like it!!


like what you added to this game like the new characters story and enemies very fun and a lot more changeling cant wait for more!!


Hey dragan kill

It's one of the funniest plays I ever seen so far. No commentary makes it even funnier at some points. Fallen the edge; throwing out the energy drink; fainted while the cleaners coming from behind you; they are all out of our expectations. 

Well done. Thank you for sharing!

your welcome and glad you enjoyed the video!!

love the new visual style and gameplay! This is such a fun puzzle game! 

Life can be exhausting! Time for a power nap!


Thank you for trying this game again. : )

Can I ask why you choose to play Bob over the other 2 stories? I ask this because we are trying to refine level designs. We want to find out if gamers prefer certain kind of levels. 

The visuals and wacky animations instantly drew me in to this one. I assume they're physics animations? Regardless, all the character stuff was super goofy and awesome. As for the gameplay, I found it to get too challenging too quickly. It ramps up to avoiding large, moving pillows with only tiny gaps to move in a limited amount of time. The sluggish, imprecise movement (intentional, obviously) made me not want to replay a level too many times. The movement looks great and it's quite funny too, it just doesn't feel great. Anyways, I think this project has a lot of promise as you tune up the gameplay. I made a goofy little video of my time spent with it. Best of luck with development!


Hi Entropy Phi

I really fond of your gentle and cute voice. Adding montage into the video is also a creative way of emphasizing humors and ideas.

Although it's succinct, I did learn quite a few things from your video and narration. Thanks for the patient and explicit description about your play experience.  : )

Thank you! I appreciate the kind words. Best of luck with the rest of development!


The pillow bounces up once been hit and stoped hitting. The function is not very well implemented in the game yet. Haha. : )

It takes a lot for me to rage quit a game. And I mean a lot. But it didn't take long with this game. It's exausting...

I love the concept. It's a lot of fun apart from the controls. Even when I figured it out, it was still very awkward to control! Other than that, I can't complain. Great effort and look forward to future versions! 

Hi McFly

Susan's story includes basic tutorial levels, which might offer tips for better controls. However, we do receive many feedbacks suggesting control frustrations. It's been a small challenge for us to find a good solution. But we are trying to get better controls.

We appreciate your acknowledgment and advises.  : )

I played through Susan, and I'm surprised by the changes this game has from the other one. A lot more obstacles than just pilows :D

Hey there! I see a lot of people are having the same problem i am, The game starts perfectly, nothing at all went bad then, when i clicked "Start game" nothing happened!  could you please respond and tell me if im doing anything wrong, (and i tried to Xbox controller to see if that would work, and nothing happened and restarting my PC) it looks like a FANTASTIC game and i would love to play it! 👏

so sorry for that problem and thank you so much for your feedback

 we will try to find out why this happen and try to fix it.

Thank you! im very exited to play this 😊😁👏🏽


hiya, i seem to have run into some problem upon starting up the game. when i try to click on the buttons in the opening menu, nothing happens! any troubleshooting for this?

mine is having the same problem. any luck yet?

Im having the same problem! i have even tried my Controller and restarting my pc, nothing worked

(1 edit)

oh!thank you so much for feedback this, we just found this phenomenon, it seems not occured in everyone's computer.

we will try to find out what made this happen.

sorry for that problem!

by the way, what the windows version of your computer? i want to check is this related with windows version.

the most recent version, i believe

I had a lot of fun playing the game - the silly physics are awesome and the challenge of the game increases with the levels (which is nice). I might think that the level with the line of pots are a bit unfair, but if you watch the video you might see why :)


well i must say this is a pretty fun game only done first couple of levels but its good and i'm sure i will have more fun playing some more as well as getting a bit mad :)

My GOD DOGGING GOSH! (Yes...I did say that) I will say this was a great game! The rage aspect of the game was wonderful to play, even though I raged at Bob 24/7 in my video. Plus there was 3 different people to go through after you finish one of them! That was a nice touch as well for an indie title!

Hi DatMasterHunts

You made us laugh so much. 

My apologies for the bug that brings your character back to the beginning room. We've fixed it now.

Thank you for the video. It's so funny. : )

Hey! I really enjoyed playing this game and it had me laughing the entire way through! I thought that some of the levels were a bit difficult, especially the last one I covered, but all in all I still enjoyed it! I made a little video on it to just show you my experience in the game, all though the addition of that new character coming soon did make me wish that I had waited a bit to play the game, however it was still fun nonetheless! 

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