Yet Another Exhausting Day evovles to V0.2.0

Thanks to all the amazing feedbacks from the community, we made several adjustments and bringing new features to Yet Another Exhausting Day.

Important bug fixed:

  • An earlier update (v020) has a bug sends players back to the beginning when they fail 2 times. This has been fixed in the latest update (v021). We apologize for this oversight.

New features:

  1. Added a female character Susan and her story.
  2. Added 2 new  stories.
  3. Added 18 new levels.
  4. Added 2 new elements: Glass cabinet and Beer.
  5. Added Traditional Chinese language.


  • Better control:  Holding right click and drag sidewards to perform a rolling action.
  • Climbable lamp: Lamp with shift from you. And you can use it to arrive certain locations.
  • Pass out: You will pass out when holding click too long. 
  • Pillows can be moved: Your body(not including head) can push the pillows away.

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